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Lavender Pillar Candle


Image of Lavender Pillar Candle

Let the soothing aroma of lavender take you to a relaxed state of mind. This beautiful handmade 3x6 pillar candle is here to help you wind down when you feel anxious.

It brings the warmth of protective love from Mother Earth.

Lavender Essential Oil lifts the weight of depression and sadness from the spirit, bringing an emotional balance to the psyche. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances.

Lavender awakens harmony. It’s a vibration that brings the angels of companion closer when we are in need of comfort, companionship, and recognition that help is always available to us, and that we are never alone.

Feminine Energies: Lavender Essential Oil has a steadying influence on the psyche. It is calming, yet intuitive, like a wise woman. Indecisiveness and emotional conflict are washed away.

Spiritual Properties: Restorative, Calming

Magical Properties: Happiness, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification