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Henna/Tarot Booking

Natural henna is a great way to express yourself with beautiful temporary artwork. At Black Star Henna Apothecary we use organic henna powder, fresh lemon juice, essential oils, and sugar to provide safe body art with a beautiful and lasting design. From private appointments, birthdays, corperate events and festivals, we strive to provide quality designs and experiences.
Thank you for choosing to receive natural henna with Black Star Apothecary. We pride ourselves in producing beautiful and deep stains. Please remember the following before your appointment.
1. Try to refrain from wearing any body oils or lotions in the area where you are receiving henna.
2. In order to ensure the darkest stain, leave henna on for no less than four hours to 24 hours.
3. Stay away from water for up to 24 hour so the stain matures
4. Have fun. Henna is a ritual of self love and care.